The End of Family Pets?

Dogs and cats joined us as symbiotes a long time back; we made most of them dependent pets and now that they can't survive on their own.  Now we're throwing them under the bus.  The termination is the -- probably -- unintended result of SPCA, PETA, innumerable tender-hearted or at least vote-hungry elected city and county officials and decades of anthropomorphized Disney creatures but it's no less terminal for that.  We're eliminating these critters in order to save them.  It isn't that we love our pets less; rather that we love Gaia more.  And she doesn't poop inconveniently. This ending has been sneaking up on us for a while.  On the farm, dogs and cats had only to please -- or at least, not annoy -- the farmer.  Once they started turning up in cities, that changed.  Dog bites, rabies, barking, and poop annoyed besides mail carriers, increasing numbers of voters; politicians took notice.  How cats were unlucky enough to be sucked in is...(Read Full Article)