The Coming Fall of the Teachers' Unions

A review of Special Interest: Teachers Unions and American Public Schools, by Terry M. Moe (Brookings Institution Press, 2011), 513 pp., $34.95 Seldom has the raw power and unbridled selfishness of teacher unions been more on display than it is today in state capitols around the country.  Teachers led the union riot that shut down Wisconsin's state government for more than two weeks, making legislators afraid to enter government buildings while angry mobs defaced public property and shouted threats against elected officials. Terry Moe, a senior fellow of the Hoover Institution and author of numerous books and studies on education policy, has written a highly insightful book about teacher unions and their impact on education policy. The sheer volume and quality of information in Special Interest: Teachers Unions and American Public Schools make it a major and timely contribution to the debate.  As one reads about how teacher unions operate, it becomes increasingly difficult...(Read Full Article)