The Arizona Fires and the Border

The three recent fires in Southern Arizona once again bring the issue of border security to the forefront.  These fires are an exemplary example of how the border is not secure.  Experts and residents in the area interviewed by American Thinker are in complete agreement that all of these fires were set by people and that at least one, possibly all of the fires, were started by illegal immigrants.  These fires destroyed at least 60 homes, burned a great deal of acreage, and the havoc created will continue once the monsoon rains arrive, bringing with them the fear of massive flooding.  A resident of the area was very grateful that no one died in this disaster; yet, cannot put into words how people's lives are devastated: losing their shelter, livelihood, belongings, and memories. There is not only widespread speculation but some evidence that illegal immigrants are the cause of the fires.  Tucson Border Patrol agents have confirmed to American Thinker that an...(Read Full Article)