Stop It Already -- He's Not So Smart

As part of the mainstream media's ongoing effort to sway and distort American thinking, liberal "analysts" for decades continually have conveyed the impression that ideological liberals are just-plain-smarter than mortal humans while conservatives -- even the good ones like the RINOs -- just are not all that smart, and in fact are stupid.   Thus, Ronald Reagan was a moron, an actor who shared a bed with a monkey in "Bedtime for Bonzo."  George H.W. Bush, despite having achieved extraordinary results during Operation Desert Storm, was no intellectual match for the Clintonites who derisively mocked: "It's the economy, stupid." You could not call Richard Nixon "stupid," so he instead was "tricky."  (By contrast, the mainstream media did not label Bill Clinton as "tricky" even when he tried evading questions based on "what is, is.")  The media depicted President Gerald Ford, a graduate of the University of Michigan and a star athlete, as a bumbling oaf. ...(Read Full Article)