Robert Gates' Disastrous Tenure at DoD

Robert Gates plans to step down as SECDEF tomorrow (June 30) -- and not a moment too soon.  This is a good opportunity to sum up his tenure as Pentagon chief. Gates was nominated for Secretary on November 8, 2006, after Donald Rumsfeld resigned.  The Iraq War was going badly, the Taliban were recovering from their losses in Afghanistan, rogue states were pursuing weapons of mass murder, Russia was resurgent, and China was growing in strength.  Gates had an opportunity for a fresh start, an opportunity to fix things. Instead, he doubled down on Rumsfeld's policies.  Then, when Barack Obama became president, Gates slavishly obeyed all of Obama's edicts, thus making America much weaker and much less safe. Gates has insisted on continuing in Iraq, no matter the cost.  The result?  American troops remain in that country to this day and continue to die there, war costs continue to pile up, and Iraq is no more stable or safer than it was in 2006.  Indeed,...(Read Full Article)