Racism, Injustice, and the Left

There is racism everywhere in America.  I see it every day, in many ways.  Just not where the mainstream media, the liberal left, and Barack Obama's minions would have us believe it is.  The streets of my neighborhood are much cleaner and safer than they are in the projects, which are really just government-designed, insular ghettos, intended to keep people voting the "right way," while forever remaining poor and immobile with little chance of escaping their miserable existence. When I go to buy my newspaper on a Sunday morning, I always pass by at least three police cars.  Sure, they're there to write traffic tickets, but they are there, and that prevents crime.  When I drive through the ghetto, I rarely see any police presence.  Fighting crime is expensive and dangerous, while tickets are safe and lucrative. Violent crime in my Italian Bronx neighborhood is virtually nonexistent; sometimes I don't even lock my door at night.  The city will not...(Read Full Article)