Racism, Injustice, and the Left

There is racism everywhere in America.  I see it every day, in many ways.  Just not where the mainstream media, the liberal left, and Barack Obama's minions would have us believe it is. 

The streets of my neighborhood are much cleaner and safer than they are in the projects, which are really just government-designed, insular ghettos, intended to keep people voting the "right way," while forever remaining poor and immobile with little chance of escaping their miserable existence.

When I go to buy my newspaper on a Sunday morning, I always pass by at least three police cars.  Sure, they're there to write traffic tickets, but they are there, and that prevents crime.  When I drive through the ghetto, I rarely see any police presence.  Fighting crime is expensive and dangerous, while tickets are safe and lucrative.

Violent crime in my Italian Bronx neighborhood is virtually nonexistent; sometimes I don't even lock my door at night.  The city will not tolerate violence where I live. 

Yet in some minority areas, working men and women and their children can't even leave their homes at night for fear of falling victim to endemic violence.  Brutality and bloodshed are a way of life.  In a city like New York, why is that acceptable? 

There is no street-corner drug-dealing in my neighborhood, but the practice is tolerated in minority areas, many of which have dealers so brazen, some streets have become open-air drug bazaars

If a white teenage girl is snatched off the street, it becomes front-page news and the police are mobilized to ensure her swift and safe return.  If a young black girl disappears, no one cares.  Just ask Ramona Moore's mother; then again, hardly anyone has ever heard of her.  There is boundless sympathy on the left for minority criminals, yet none for minority victims. 

Many millions have perished in Africa as the result of genocide, yet genocide is a subject almost never discussed in the media, and we as a nation certainly never did anything to try to prevent it.  After all, the death of millions of Africans is just a statistic; the media would rather spend its silent spring scouring through Sarah Palin's email and that's where the tragedy is.

Every 45 seconds in Africa, a child dies from malaria, yet we continue to ban DDT, the single most effective weapon against the cause of the disease, because we worry about its effect on birds.  You would think the needless death of 700,000 black children every year, because of rabid environmentalism, would make the papers, but it doesn't.  Instead, they tell us about the junk that a twit like Anthony Weiner tweets.    

Yet with all this, I don't see racism in the tests required to become a New York City firefighter or a Dayton police officer.  I don't see it in the number of blacks who coach in the NFL, or in the beliefs of the Tea Party. 

...And I certainly don't see it in normal Americans who battle every day against an administration and a president who does not seem to have their best interests at heart.

Not every dissent to the president's policies is steeped in racial hatred, as some would have us believe.  There are facts out there, plain and simple, for all to see, and they have nothing to do with racial animus.

The almost-trillion-dollar Stimulus was an ill-advised, ill-conceived, naked attempt to reward backers of Barack.  It actually made the economy and unemployment worse, while exploding the budget, the deficit, and the national debt.  To say so is a reasonable observation.

One should not be afraid to decry the usurpation of the Constitution by Barack Obama, with all his Czars and his penchant for ruling by regulatory fiat without the necessity of putting in the time and effort to build consensus for the required legislation. 

Why can't Americans bemoan the president's war on small business, his battle to destroy the coal industry, and his efforts at restricting domestic oil exploration and production, in support of his effort to "win the future" with green energy and electric cars that cost 40 grand and have a range of 40 miles? 

Backdoor attempts at implementing Cap and Trade through the EPA, and Card Check through the NLRB, are other examples of Obama's regulatory assault on business that will result in economic disaster for America.

Calling the president a hypocrite when he demonizes all who oppose him, while simultaneously calling for civility, is merely a function of looking at Obama's own statements.  When he advises Hispanics to "punish" enemies or when he states that those who disagree with him should not "do a lot of talking," just who is being uncivil?

Decrying his signature legislation, ObamaCare, passed through legislative trickery against the will of the American people, as a 2,000-page albatross, which will guarantee the destruction of healthcare in the United States, is acknowledging reality.  As evidence, see the ever-increasing number of exemptions the administration has been forced to grant from the legislation, which grows in unpopularity with every passing day. 

People are only calling it the way they see it when mentioning all the golf and all the vacations, the unashamed elitism, the condescending tone and arrogance, as well as the outright anger the president displays when faced with even a scintilla of opposition.

Barack Obama has become the "I, Me and My President," with his serial usage of first-person pronouns and his incessant hogging of credit for the few things that occasionally go right, while continuously blaming others for his own failings.  Pointing this out has nothing to do with the person doing the pointing, but everything to do with Obama himself and his innate sense of self-worth.

The policies of Barack Obama have resulted in two and a half years of misery for most Americans, of all stripes.  He is the worst president this nation has ever seen, by almost any measure, and it has nothing to do with the color of his skin.

Yet, when someone makes this assertion, they are immediately labeled as unserious, a victim of their own preconceived notions of what the man is, not who he is. 

America is a nation of opinions espoused by vastly different people, in vastly different ways.  When the left pejoratively labels those who dare to disagree, it is simply an exercise in diverting attention from the opinion to the person in order to denigrate the position by denigrating the person. 

The left is right -- there is racism everywhere in America, the problem is that they choose to see it only where they want to see it, while ignoring it where it truly is.