Questioning Michele Bachmann's Foster Parent Claims

In order to understand liberalism, all one needs to do is take note of what the left applauds versus what they attack.  Case in point: Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann -- wife, mother to five biological children, and foster mother to 23 teenagers -- has now become the focal point of left-wing attacks as they prepare to diminish her stature by attacking her family. Michele gave a stellar performance at the Republican debate.  It was in that forum that she announced her decision to "seek the office of the presidency of the United States of America."  The only woman on the platform, Michele voiced strong convictions, attacked government regulation, called the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform bill "over-the-top," and promised if elected to repeal ObamaCare.  Michele praised the Tea Party and described it as a "wide swath of America coming take the country back."  Yet, despite articulating strong opinions on varied subjects, Michele's gutsy and...(Read Full Article)