Primetime Propaganda

It's rare when you read a nonfiction book to be thrilled -- truly thrilled -- by it.  Ben Shapiro's Primetime Propaganda isn't just thrilling, it's deep, phenomenally insightful, and intelligent.  Primetime Propaganda documents, in tremendous detail, how and why our culture is so screwed up, nihilistic, and alien to what most Americans want for their children -- and how television helped make it that way, in purposeful fashion. I had a visceral feeling when I began reading Primetime Propaganda: I was in a racing car, dashing in and out of traffic, passing other cars, careening around corners and jumping curbs and hurtling up the freeway at breakneck speeds, never losing the trail to get to the trip's destination, slicing up the highway with the deftness of a brain surgeon.  The pace of the book starts off that way and doesn't let up throughout, building a methodical and logical argument as to why Hollywood is the way it is: how each breakthrough leftist television show...(Read Full Article)