'Peace Flotilla' = Radical Left + Islamic Fascists

What do you call it when Bill Ayers, Jodie Evans, and Code Pink collude with Hamas in a disguised suicide attack on Israel?  You call it "A Peace Flotilla."  Or at least our incorruptible media do. The left has conducted agitprop operations against the West with enormous success over the last few decades.  Even when the Soviet Union crumbled, the Western left kept indoctrinating Western schools and universities, until the point where now Karl Marx is the most publicly admired "philosopher" in a formerly free country like Britain.  The American left got Obama elected in the disguise of a mainstream American politician, after all. Obama has now pulled out the rug from Israel's defenses, established since 1949, by telling that country to retreat to its ceasefire lines of the 1948 War of Independence.  And now the left-fascist alliance is conducting another "Peace Flotilla" operation against Israel's shoreline. Obama has done exactly nothing to keep Iran from...(Read Full Article)