'Peace Flotilla' = Radical Left + Islamic Fascists

What do you call it when Bill Ayers, Jodie Evans, and Code Pink collude with Hamas in a disguised suicide attack on Israel?  You call it "A Peace Flotilla."  Or at least our incorruptible media do.

The left has conducted agitprop operations against the West with enormous success over the last few decades.  Even when the Soviet Union crumbled, the Western left kept indoctrinating Western schools and universities, until the point where now Karl Marx is the most publicly admired "philosopher" in a formerly free country like Britain.  The American left got Obama elected in the disguise of a mainstream American politician, after all.

Obama has now pulled out the rug from Israel's defenses, established since 1949, by telling that country to retreat to its ceasefire lines of the 1948 War of Independence.  And now the left-fascist alliance is conducting another "Peace Flotilla" operation against Israel's shoreline.

Obama has done exactly nothing to keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons, soon to be within range of the entire Middle East, then Europe, then us.  Once they have long-range missiles they can reach our shores with just a little bit more thrust in mid-trajectory.  Yesterday Iran tested its long-range missiles with a successful satellite launch.

The United States will therefore be within range of Iranian nuclear weapons within a few years, just as it will be within range of North Korean nukes.  We used to think that China could be convinced to hold the North Koreans back.  But now an American nuclear scientist has been allowed to see North Korea's new enrichment plant, and he is convinced those shiny high-tech centrifuges could have come from only one place: China.

That means China has been using North Korea as a trouble-making proxy all along.  China can pretend to be peaceful, while keeping the West coping with North Korean provocations.

North Koreans have helped to build Iran's and Syria's nuclear and missile plants, and their deeply buried tunnel complexes.  That has been Chinese-North Korean technology for a long time, and they are the experts on it.

The Iranian thrust toward nukes and missiles has also been aided by China.  Chinese and Russian technicians have built the Bushehr nuclear reactor, now scaring the willies out of the Sunni Arabs.  Iran and North Korea are acting as Chinese proxies, even as China is becoming more dependent on Middle Eastern oil and African minerals.   This weekend's "summit" among China, Russia, and Iran's Ahmadinejad confirms the new Left-Fascist Axis.

This is a replay of the Hitler-Stalin Axis of 1938, and it means the same thing.  While Hitler and Stalin hated each other, they were hoping to knock the West over quickly, and then have it out against each other.  It might have worked until Hitler decided to assault Stalin instead.  These are routine great power gambits.

The new anti-Israel flotilla is therefore the publicity front of a new, anti-Western crusade.  Europe is now utterly decadent and unwilling to defend itself.  Once the left-fascist alliance can crush Israel, they already have Europe completely undermined, between its socialist and Islamist infiltrations.  Fifty-three million Muslims are now in Europe, out of 330 million Europeans.  But the Muslims are ready to die for Allah, and the Europeans wouldn't die to save their own families.

In spite of the fact that Obama continues to destabilize the Middle East, and that Obama has totally undermined Israel's longstanding negotiating position, the Israelis are still hoping that America will not abandon them.  I sincerely hope they are building up all their alternatives in weapons, supplies, and new alliances -- because if Obama gets reelected they will have four more years of a ruthless enemy in the White House.  

Four more years is long enough for Iran to build nuclear might and to keep rejiggering the Middle East according to its long-stated desires.  Ultimately Iranian radicals will also fight Sunni radicals, with both sides being equally willing to die for Allah.  By that time both sides will have weapons of mass destruction.  It's happening now.

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