Our Wiley Coyote Moment Has Arrived

The country is imploding under the weight of fourteen trillion dollars of debt, sixty trillion dollars of unfunded entitlement programs, and a monetary policy bent on destroying the currency and economy.  Government intervention in private citizens' lives and the economy has failed.  The eighty year old Keynesian economics experiment that started under President Roosevelt is nearing an end.  The current state of economic affairs reminds me of the Saturday morning cartoon where the Roadrunner is chased by Wiley Coyote.  The clever Roadrunner leads Wiley to the edge of the cliff, maneuvers quickly to safety, and Wiley runs off the edge of the cliff.   Wiley remains suspended momentarily in mid-air before realizing his fate and plummets to the canyon floor.   Government has lied and deceived several generations of Americans.  Politicians and bureaucrats will say and do anything to save themselves regardless of the consequences to the country...(Read Full Article)