Obama's Phone-It-In Economy

According to Standard & Poor's/Case-Shiller, home prices in twenty U.S. cities are at an eight-year low, down an average of 29% across the country.  Democrat pundits spin is that "home prices threaten economic recovery."  Recovery?  Really? Obama's economy has wiped out most people's largest savings plan: their home equity.  Around $6.2T has evaporated from the housing marketing during Obama's War on Achievement.  That's a lot of "green" that is not spurring economic growth in the economy.  This is potentially more devastating than the other economic snafus created by America's Ivy League man-child.  Why? In the seven years before its peak in July 2006, the home-price index surged 155 percent.  Since then, it's fallen 33 percent.  During the Great Depression, prices fell 31 percent, and it took nineteen years for the market to regain those losses.  If it takes almost two decades to get back to the status quo this time around, that...(Read Full Article)