Obama Selling Out Our Allies

With increasing frequency members of the Obama administration have been turning their backs on America's strongest allies.  The administration is forming new partnerships which appear to be based solely on emotion and the desire to appear politically correct rather than on agreements to work together to meet mutual needs in a long-term relationship. Why are our elected leaders abandoning the ones who have stood by them for years?  Why are they pursuing relationships that are inherently unstable and can only result in failure over the course of time? I am referring to the recent statements by President Obama, and members of his administration, in which he sided against our two greatest allies: Israel and Great Britain. America has no greater allies than these two countries, and the issues Obama addressed are ones they hold dear. Concerning Israel, the president said in May that he supports a two-state solution (with Palestine) based on Israel's pre-1967 borders. Regarding...(Read Full Article)