Nietzsche and the Left

While reading Friedrich Nietzsche's account of the origins and nature of morality, I got to thinking about our contemporary political situation, specifically as it pertains to the left. Rejecting as he did the very notion of objectivity, Nietzsche believed that all moralities, far from being the products of rational discovery, were creations, or assertions of what he called "the Will to Power" -- the desire, that is, of their authors to impose themselves on their surroundings.  Invocations of Reason, God, Truth, Right, Good, and the like are the stuff of the rhetoric of objectivity.  They are smokescreens designed to conceal the speaker's desire. For example, a Christian, say, knows that he will convince no one to endorse his vision of the world by telling others that it would empower him if they too would become Christians.  So he must employ language from which first-person or subjective references are as absent as possible.  And what is true of the Christian is...(Read Full Article)