My Weekend in the Belly of the Beast

As a Regional Coordinator for The United West, I was asked to spend the past weekend (June 17th-19th) with two of my colleagues monitoring the 2011 International Arab Festival in Dearborn, Michigan.  The purpose of this article is to give my impressions of that event. This year's was the sixteenth annual staging of the event, which is sponsored by the American Arab Chamber of Commerce.  At last year's festival, the Dearborn police arrested several Christian evangelists for the crime of distributing literature encouraging Muslims to convert.  The result of that effort by the police to cater to the tender sensibilities of the Muslim population that didn't want to be exposed to disreputable Christian doctrine was that the Dearborn police were slapped down by the courts, who found that the Constitution and the First Amendment still trump Muslim exclusivity, even in Dearbornistan.  The Dearborn police were so smacked down that this year they subcontracted out their law...(Read Full Article)