My Super Summer Vacation

Satire I'm having a super-cool time with my mom on her "One Nation" bus tour.  Yesterday, my mom was talking with Chris Wallace about our terrible economy.  I guess they would interview President Obama, but maybe he was on the golf course.  Some people said I should be in school which is kind of what I thought this bus tour was, but more fun.  Of course, I'm out of school because kids in Alaska still get summer vacations like in the old days when kids learned things from their parents, and not just the State.  Being "schooled" sure wouldn't hurt some of the people saying how silly a tour of historic American landmarks is.  Have they ever taken one? I get to see the history of America with my own eyes -- Bunker Hill, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, Gettysburg, Mt. Vernon, and the National Archives.  I ate pizza with The Donald, rode a motorcycle, and learned how to box out photographers.  I've sure had to shake a lot of hands. ...(Read Full Article)