More Enviro-Anomalies

Some recent news reports shed light onto anomalies in the environmentalist weltanschauung, a peculiar form of paganism I have characterized elsewhere as driven by self-loathing hominids. The first report brings us more news about the downside of wind power.  The believers in eco-faith who form the core of the environmentalist movement have been pushing "renewable energy" sources (paradigmatically wind and solar power) while waging a jihad against all forms of fossil fuel. Nowhere has this cult of the renewable been as strong as it has been in California, where Governor Jerry Brown, long a high priest of the environmentalist faith, is back in power.  About five months ago, Governor Moonbeam signed a law he helped push through the state legislature that mandates that by 2020, one third of the state's electricity must come from renewable energy sources. Ah, but here's the rub (or more exactly, the shred): the preferred renewable that has been used in California -- to wit, wind...(Read Full Article)