Morally-Schizoid Liberal Women and Their Weiner Husbands

The saddest thing about the whole sordid, societally humiliating Weiner affair, is that it highlights once again the morally-schizoid nature of the modern liberal woman.  I've known many of these women -- a great many -- and it never ceases to confound me how smart women can be such ridiculous fools when it comes to choosing men. On the one hand, liberal women believe wholeheartedly in the idiotic social construct they call, "sexual liberation."  They pride themselves on losing their virginity, as though that "accomplishment" had ever been above the challenge-scale of an alley cat in heat.  These liberal women I've known, having given away their female V-card over and over and over again, all the while scour their host of intimate "trial runs" searching for that mythical, Hollywood-construct, Mr. Right.  This Mr. Right guy, for whom they are searching, is known to them up front as even more sexually-liberated than they, but this little factoid seems not to...(Read Full Article)