Mix It Up: Poetry Beyond the White House

Recently, the rap-artist Common, whose real name is Lonnie Rashid Lynn, was invited by Michelle Obama to present his "poems" to an audience of students.  Neil Munro, writing in the Daily Caller, claims, "The event will also massage Obama's ties to the influential arts-industry, which relies heavily on government funding." Bill O'Reilly has a different slant on Common's White House visit. O'Reilly writes, "The problem is that Common ... has glorified convicted cop killers Joanne Chesimard and Mumia Abu-Jamal."  Later, in defense of Common's White House visit, Mrs. Obama lectured a group of Oxford students as to why the rapper Common warranted an invitation.  We had a poetry session and we invited young kids in just last week from all over the country[.] ... Everybody from poet laureates to hip-hop folks, being able to mix up the world in that very interesting way, the White House allows you to do that. Even with Michelle Obama's defense, there remains a problem with...(Read Full Article)