Medicare is Bad Medicine for Young America

Paul Ryan is the champion of young America.  His budget proposal "The Path to Prosperity" of April 5th is the first serious attempt to derail the out of control train that is big government spending.  Reforming the government's old age assistance programs is the heart of his budget but in the land of Washington, that can be like touching the third rail; mess with social programs and have your political career crash and burn. Since the release of his budget with its fundamental proposed changes to Medicare, the response from both sides of the aisle has been emphatic.  Most of the political commentary last week regarding the proposal suggested that Mr. Ryan's budget will punish older Americans by reducing benefits and increasing costs.  Demagoguery surrounding Medicare is nothing new.  Some have even gone so far as to suggest that the election last month of democrat Kathy Hochul in a traditionally Republican New York Congressional district was a referendum on...(Read Full Article)