Loose Pics Sink Ships

Congressman Anthony Weiner's virtual debauchery is more consequential than just a marital wrinkle between newlyweds.  His private actions have public implications that disgrace government, endanger our nation's secrets, and waste taxpayer money.  Blackmail is a very real threat for those in power.  Recently, several Turkish lawmakers were forced to resign when they were threatened with release of embarrassing sex tapes.  A Czech politician resigned a few years ago when he was caught in a plan to entrap his political rivals with compromising photos of their own.  These types of scandals disgrace the government and undermine confidence in our elected officials.  In higher-stakes scenarios, politicians with access to state secrets could be forced into divulging classified information to our enemies. Frequently, the argument is made that this behavior is private and doesn't affect the good work being done by the politician.  Supposedly, poor judgment...(Read Full Article)