Israel's Pain -- Beyond Human Language

We Jews have experienced so much horror in our long and arduous history that the recurrent pain of Arab/Islamic terrorism seems to be just another episode of indescribable suffering.  For the moment, we must endure.  And in the end, we shall surely prevail. So it has been before; so it will be again. It is also true, however, that whatever its particular source, our Jewish pain, in the fashion of all human anguish, is ultimately incommunicable.  This relentlessly primordial fact is deeply and inextricably rooted in the confining space of each individual human body.  Very simply, no human language can ever really describe or communicate pain. This observation has distinctly important and generic implications for controlling violence in the world.  But with particular respect to Arab/Islamic terror-violence, this observation also has the decidedly very specific effect of often reducing Israeli suffering to a benignly anesthetized statistical inventory of...(Read Full Article)