Is Perry the One?

The recent comments by Mitt Romney accepting manmade global warming as scientific fact must cause conservatives to cross him off their list of presidential candidates.  The mass exodus of staff from Newt's campaign makes him dead in the water.  What Republicans need is a candidate who is unabashedly conservative across the board, a savvy campaigner who does not make stupid mistakes, someone with no skeletons anywhere, a proven government executive who would hit the ground running as president, and a candidate who could very quickly and almost bloodlessly win the Republican nomination.  Governor Perry is perfect for this mission.  Consider the five criteria I listed.  Is Perry conservative?  He is a social and a fiscal conservative with a very long track record of walking the walk as well as talking the talk.  In the fiscal area, think of Mitch Daniels or Chris Christie on steroids.  Unlike members of Congress, who have stray votes which could...(Read Full Article)