Is Obama's Libyan Attack Legal or Not?

Obama's being hassled because he's dropping bombs and bullets on Libyan targets without Congressional permission, a clear violation of the War Powers Resolution per some Republicans and Democrats.  Some estimates say that a year of it will cost $160 B.  Obama says it's within his powers because, though he can't declare war, this isn't war; it's a "kinetic military action," whatever that means. He goes on to say that ground troops aren't exchanging fire, which adds to the non-warishness.  But Libyans bombed or rocketed to death from the sky are still dead.  It's not clear that the dead Libyans would appreciate the neat distinction.  The Libyans themselves are pretty clearly having a civil war; Obama is killing more of the folks on one side than he is those on the other, though he hasn't discriminated entirely.  Apparently, it can be hard to tell which side he's shooting at from the air.  That they are having a war seems to be clear to the Libyans...(Read Full Article)