Intellectual Disgrace at Ohio University

How completely has indoctrination and propaganda replaced rational discussion and intelligent debate in America's universities?  We were reminded of just how bad things have gotten several weeks ago at Ohio University, when we were invited to screen and discuss our documentary on the Ground Zero mosque controversy, The Ground Zero Mosque: Second Wave of the 911 Attacks.  While universities today idolize "diversity," they actively discourage the one kind of diversity that matters most: genuine diversity of opinion.  We saw instead the effects of the stifling intellectual straitjacket that universities force upon students on all too many campuses.  Joining us was our cinematographer, David Miles, who is an alumnus of Ohio University.  But OU students and faculty were in no mood to discuss the issues our documentary raised: even before we arrived on campus, the student newspaper, The Post, ran a "review" of the film entitled "NYC mosque film inaccurate,...(Read Full Article)