How to Win Payoffs and Intimidate Enemies in Obama's America

Some recent stories instruct us anew on the cardinal tenets of Obamanomics, a.k.a, pay for play the Chicago way.  Consider first the story reviewing the rush of organizations to get exemptions from Obamacare.  So far, nearly 1,400 different entities (businesses, unions, insurers, and state and local governments), covering over three million people, have been given exemptions from the bill by Obama's HHS Secretary Sebelius, and those waivers have a disturbing pattern. The Obama regime clearly played the crony capitalist card in granting these waivers.  While unions represent only a small portion of the workforce (12% overall, and a trivial 7% of all private industry employees), they gave over $400 million in the 2008 election cycle to elect Democrats (especially Obama), and they have been rewarded with over half of all the waivers given out so far.  Put another way, if you are a member of a union that puts cash into Obama's campaign coffers, you are four times more...(Read Full Article)