God in a Small Town

A small news item caught my attention, a few days ago.  Something now so commonplace that I might not have even noticed, if not for the fact that it involved the high school my family graduated from.  Medina Valley High School, in Castroville, TX, was to lose a long held, traditional graduation prayer.  A lawsuit on behalf of a single graduating student (who would be offended by the prayer), was to end a tradition very special to the community.  The prayer is not denomination-specific and is invoked by chosen members of the graduating class.  Normally very general in nature -- a heartfelt wish for the happiness and well-being of the graduates, a word of thanks to parents and community, expressed appreciation for the efforts of teachers and staff, and a love of school and the memories created there -- just the normal elements of prayer that are so profoundly offensive to some. Last Friday, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals lifted the ban on prayer at the...(Read Full Article)