Dr. Krauthammer and Gov. Palin: Analyzing the Analyst

Charles Krauthammer's opinion matters.  As any political junkie knows, Dr. Krauthammer is all at once witty, sublime, sarcastic, and serious.  People listen to Krauthammer and care about what he thinks.  Political junkies yearn for reliable scouts like him who speak plainly, tell the truth, and offer unique insights based on the truth.  The most valuable characteristic an established "wise man" can have is the ability to see and tell the truth.  Speaking the truth about current events is where Krauthammer seems to hit all the right notes.  Only on very rare occasions does this maestro hit a decidedly sour note.  And these false notes are starting to become glaringly tinny when Krauthammer opines on Sarah Palin.  With Palin, Krauthammer's reliable sights become suspect.  He lowers himself from wise man to wise guy.  He leaves his well positioned observation post to take up a sniper's position in the mud.  Why does he do...(Read Full Article)