Don't Worry, Be Happy: Rubio-Kyl in 2012

More than 50% of National Review Online readers -- in an admittedly unscientific poll -- say they're depressed as they consider the GOP field.  A recent Washington Post/ABC News poll confirmed Republicans' dissatisfaction with the candidates announced or likely to announce.  A ticket of Marco Rubio and Jon Kyl would carry forty states.  So why be depressed? Marco Rubio is the most amazing talent for conservatives since Ronald Reagan. Why would we hesitate?  OK.  Reasonable people say he is so young (40) and still inexperienced.  Actually, his state record  -- a decade of solid achievement -- capped as it will be by two years of congressional service -- exactly replicates Lincoln's. His two-year challenge of a popular sitting governor over ObamaCare and the failed stimulus was masterful.  No other conservative politician in the country ran an error-free campaign (except perhaps the illustrious Jim DeMint). Rubio solves the GOP problem on...(Read Full Article)