China's Espionage Threat

When we think of espionage we tend to think in terms of Europe, Central Europe in particular, the bleak, dark cityscapes of Berlin and Vienna, the border cities of the Cold War. The Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, clandestine meets in the shadow of the Prater or the Brandenburg Gate. David Wise thinks we desperately need to add an Eastern perspective to our thinking on espionage. Judging from the evidence presented in his new book, Tiger Trap:America's Secret Spy War with China, he's far from mistaken. China is undoubtedly the biggest espionage threat this country now faces. The Chinese, for cultural and historical reasons, don't view espionage, either purpose or technique, the way we do.  Whereas Americans (and Russians too) think in terms of targets against which distinct operations are planned and carried out, the Chinese, according to Wise, view the process as putting together a mosaic, of gathering small pieces of information to construct an overall picture.  What the Chinese...(Read Full Article)