Call Democrats Out for Racist and Anti-Semitic Connections

The Republican campaigns of 2006 and 2008 consisted of long litanies of dropping the ball when it comes to the Democrats' vulnerabilities.  I refer specifically to John McCain's and Rick Santorum's inexcusable failure to call their opponents out for indefensible racist, anti-Semitic, and/or anti-Catholic connections.  Casey's acceptance of's support should have disqualified him, especially in a state with a large Catholic population. Promoted Anti-Semitic and Anti-Catholic Hate Speech In 2006, I joined Jan Poller and Robert Goldberg in exposing's exercise of editorial control in favor of anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic, and other forms of hate speech at the organization's prized but now disgraced Action Forum.  A good summary of the arguments appears here.'s Eli Pariser argued that the group did not know about the hate speech, which is interesting because the Action Forum's FAQ page said the moderators read each entry twice...(Read Full Article)