Barack Obama, George Soros and the Religious Left

Periodically, the professional left and their comrades in the traditional news media highlight religious leaders cheering for President Obama's compassionate statism or denouncing  Republicans as sons of the devil.  I'm sure we can expect this pattern to become more frequent and more frantic as we approach the 2012 elections.   As Obama's allies on the Religious Left step forward to promote Obama's agenda and build momentum for his 2012 campaign, we should be prepared to expose them for who they really are.  In many cases we will discover that these religious leaders are well-compensated hyperpartisan mercenaries whose religious rhetoric is merely a threadbare cloak for their core values -- values that have no basis in traditional religion or biblically-based teachings.   Over the weekend, Think Progress provided a megaphone for their brothers and sisters of the Church of George Soros:  Four members affiliated with the religious group...(Read Full Article)