Are We Ready for a Woman President?

When Barack Obama was elected the first black (actually black and white) President it was considered a milestone for a nation that has a long history of virulent racism.  Whether you agreed with his politics or not, you could surely feel a sense of pride that most voters were colorblind when they made their selection for Chief Executive in 2008.  Yes, I know that about 98% of blacks voted for Obama, but, considering the history of subservience to whites, I don't think any fair-minded person could have expected less. Now that we have shown how open-minded we are about race relations, maybe it's time to do the same with gender relations.  Hillary Clinton came close in 2008, but no woman has yet to be nominated for president by a major political party.  Two women have had a chance to be vice president, but it wasn't enough to push the head of the ticket across the finish line.  It wouldn't be accurate to say that women have been subservient in this country, but...(Read Full Article)