Another Anti-Semitic/Radical Left Group Rears Its Ugly Head

A few weeks ago, my wife and I had the mitzvah of attending a bris (ritual circumcision of a Jewish infant) held at the house of the proud parents.  Their home was a place of warmth filled with well-wishers and the smells of delicious foods. A short service preceded the sacred event.  There were heartfelt prayers by the grandparents and the parents.  When the time came, the mohel (person who performs the circumcision) warned the attendees they might want to look away.  I, along with most, did so.  I heard no cry, and it was over.  The fulfillment of the covenant of Abraham, which has been taking place for millions of Jewish male babies for thousands of years, took only a few seconds. Just prior to the blessed ritual, the Rabbi got everyone's attention with a joke.  He began, "We Jews are a team.  Once you make the first cut you are on the team for life!" Sad to say, there are some misguided Americans who would love to break up the Jewish...(Read Full Article)