Is Obama Making His Next Career Move?

Obama always seems to crave more ego gratification.  There is no limit to his thirst for personal power and glory.  The slogan "The Audacity of Hope" is taken straight from Napoleon's creed, "L'audace, l'audace, toujours l'audace!"  Always act audaciously on the battlefield, because your opponents will never predict your dangerous moves.  Your enemies will be shocked and overwhelmed by the risks you take. That's how Napoleon managed to kill tens of millions of Europeans in his attempt to conquer the world after 1800.  George Patton used the audacity strategy to beat Nazi armored divisions in World War II.  Hitler used it with the Blitzkrieg.  It's also the theory of the Big Lie: You tell such breath-taking whoppers that normal people can't imagine that you don't believe a word of it yourself.  Most people will believe in Big Lies more than little lies, if you repeat the Big Lies over and over again -- and if you control the Organs of...(Read Full Article)