Warmist Mantra Wearing Out

The so-called global warming crisis is falling apart at ever-increasing rates as skeptical bloggers chisel away at faults in the IPCC and whitewashes of ClimateGate, while digging up long-forgotten dire forecasts of weather driven by global cooling.  It all must be working.  Polls indicate downward trends in public concern over the issue, so organizations like Google come up with plans to fix public ignorance. Global warming believers think this putative ignorance can be cured by shouting their old 3-part mantra louder:    1. "the science is settled"; 2. skeptic scientists are paid by fossil fuel industries to "reposition global warming as theory rather than fact"; 3. the media gives too much attention to those skeptics, who do not deserve equal time.   This strategy works when nobody questions anything about those three points -- thus the shouting.   I started questioning where the hokey phrase in point #2 came from in late 2009.  Rather...(Read Full Article)