Waiting for the Miracle to Come

For those of you waiting for the miracle to come, I am here to tell you that it is here.  The events of the last week were stunning.  This week, the home team scored big in the face of overwhelming odds. The week started out looking bleak.  In general, the world is marching to war against "the little Jew who wrote the Bible," as the poet and songwriter Leonard Cohen wryly put it in his song "The Future."  "Waiting for the Miracle" is another one of his songs, and a miracle might be what has to save the free world at this point.  The world is marching against freedom, against the West.  Those of us who are married to this work, to the fight, have chronicled the play-by-play on the road to Armageddon.  We have been confounded by the apathy exhibited by good, decent folks in the face of this naked evil.  It has been one blow after another here in America and across the world.Many believe that it will take mass death to...(Read Full Article)