Restoring America's Standing

"I think that we've restored America's standing in the world." - Barack Obama, November 18, 2009 Was this the simply the usual prevarication of a President with a massive ego, or something he truly believed?  In any event, the panorama of the world today is far different as America is increasingly finding itself isolated, vilified, and ignored as never before in its recent history.The heady days of "hope and change" have given way to cynicism and mockery within the international community.  There is little hesitation among world leaders and even the left-leaning global media to be openly contemptuous of the President who campaigned on fortifying American image abroad by the sheer force of his personality and self-proclaimed ability to connect with the people of the world.After twenty-seven months into the Obama Presidency, The Express (United Kingdom) avers:Obama's campaign slogan was mesmerizingly simple and brimming with self-belief: "Yes we...(Read Full Article)