Regulation Cannot Control Malignant Melanoma

As we move into the summer season, not only do temperatures increase, so do exposure to the Sun, sunburns, and concern about the ozone layer and skin cancer.  But there are also some important policy issues to think about.Malignant melanoma is the most-feared type of skin cancer and has been discussed widely in the (non-medical) scientific literature dealing with the stratospheric ozone layer.  It turns out, however, that melanoma may have nothing to do with the alleged depletion of the ozone layer or with the Antarctic Ozone Hole (AOH).   Melanoma shows distinct differences from the more common and less dangerous forms of skin cancer, Basal-cell and Squamous-cell carcinomas.  As a consequence, EPA regulations can do little to stem the growing incidence of this malignant skin cancer -- even though EPA regularly (mis)uses  "lives saved from melanoma" in the benefit-cost data it presents to Congress.First, there is no doubt that CFCs...(Read Full Article)