Planned Parenthood's Cobalt Blue Sex Education

American philosopher Thomas Sowell wrote that "the vision of the anointed [has] achieved a sacrosanct status, hermetically sealed off from the contaminating influence of facts."[1]  There are few places in America with as dense a concentration of anointed critters as Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The city is famous for its art and food scenes, pueblo-style architecture, and skies rendered deep blue by a seven-thousand-foot elevation and crisp, clean air.  But something decidedly unclean is happening in Santa Fe.The venue is Monte del Sol Charter School.  An eighteen-year-old demonstrates the use of condoms in class.  The girl's expertise comes courtesy of Planned Parenthood's Peer Education Program.Santa Fe Planned Parenthood "health educator" Denise Jennings, who wants to "normalize sex," trains teens to train other teens in "the five circles of sexuality."  According to a local newspaper, Jennings tours schools, teen...(Read Full Article)