Pelosi and Progressive Neo-Leninism

Nancy Pelosi's ascension to the speakership in 2006 launched exuberant encomiums to the democratic process, inspiring her further to shout to her vote-challenged opponents in a tone somewhere between a chortle and a boast, "We won the election!"  The Democrats' victory was sufficient to inflict ObamaCare on the nation as well as to impose tighter controls over American financial life, but ran out of steam when it came to a few other progressive pet projects, such as cap-and-trade and card check.  No matter: the Environmental Protection Agency is picking up where Congress faltered in regulating carbon output, and the National Labor Relations Board is doing its best to relegate American free enterprise to that utopian level of economic stagnation and misery known as pre-Thatcherite Britain.  In the meantime, now-Minority Leader Pelosi is lamenting about how elections really shouldn't matter as much as they do.The question is what sense one is supposed to make of...(Read Full Article)