Obama: The Unlikely Assassin

A bullet to the head of the world's most notorious terrorist was ordered by President Obama. This stunningly courageous act has been greeted with bouquets of thanksgiving and garlands of awe.  The demise of bin Laden at the hands of Obama is the stuff of legend, a perfect narrative to turn rightside-up Obama's reputation, seen otherwise as chronically indecisive, deferring risk-taking to others, acting only when the outcome, in his favor, is assured.But this narrative is so breathtaking in its contradiction to be equally implausible. Even Obama's own s'mores-around-the-campfire companions have described his role in the Libyan intervention, still muddled and unresolved, as "leading from behind."  How is it possible this president, reluctant to assert American power, even loath to admit its exceptional reach and moral imperative, ordered such an assassination?Because maybe it didn't happen exactly as we've been led to believe.  At least it is unlikely to...(Read Full Article)