Obama May be Getting Tough with Gaddafi

It's crunch time for Moammar Gaddafi and President Obama.  Will Gaddafi stay or will he go?  And does President Obama intend to continue acting like the Leader of the Free World?Yes, I'm still counting the days until Barack Obama's out of office.  And the President is actively -- and unforgivably -- hostile to Israel.  But, every now and then, Obama does something commendable.  He seems, in certain circumstances, willing to use force to defend American interests and to defeat America's enemies. Back in March, I made the suggestion that President Obama needed to learn a lesson from the last Democratic president.  When an international crisis breaks, Bill Clinton said, an American president asks: "Where are my carriers?"  There's now some evidence that America's current president finally has absorbed that lesson.On March 4, I commented that the then-existing deployment of America's supercarriers suggested that the Obama Administration had...(Read Full Article)