Liberal Media Chicken Littles: 'The Republican Sky Is Falling!'

In 2010, Speaker Nancy Pelosi stared into the camera with make-up-by-Joker-Products face and proclaimed "Democrats will hold the House" in the upcoming midterms.  On November 2nd, the Tea Party helped to deliver us from evil.

The elections of November 2010 went into the history books as a massacre of epic proportions.

It was Little Big Horn, with Democrats playing the part of Custer and his men. 

It was Tyson brutally KO'ing Marvis Frasier in a scant thirty seconds.

It was an Iron Chef battle with Bobby Flay squaring off against the guy microwaving burgers at your local McDonald's.

It was Fox News vs. MSNBC in the ratings.

Liberal politicians, along with their conjoined twin -- collectively known as the mainstream media -- immediately went into damage control mode.  They began spinning the narrative that the stunning losses were not a referendum on and indictment of ObamaCare.

From coast to coast, voters collectively, resoundingly, yelled "HELL NO" to ObamaCare and the best game plan the professional left could come up with was to try and con the people who just voted against ObamaCare into believing they didn't really vote against Obamacare. 

Liberal intellect -- truly an oxymoron, eh?

Flash forward to the race for NY's 26th district, May, 2011.  In one of the most liberal states in the union, a Democrat that no one ever heard of defeats a Republican that no one ever heard of, in a special election for a temporary position, and the left is calling it a stunning defeat for Republicans, a rebuke of Paul Ryan's budget plan, and a bellwether for the 2012 elections.

Democrats lost sixty congressional seats to Republicans, not to mention six Senate seats and twelve governorships in the national elections in November and the left claims it was not a referendum on ObamaCare, but one Republican congressional seat going blue in May is a referendum on Ryan's budget?

The liberal mindset -- stupefying, isn't it?

Viewers of MSNBC (latest Nielsen estimate: five) were led to believe the victory in the 26th District was not only a harbinger of doom for 2012, but, perhaps the beginning of the end of the Republican Party, forever.

Maybe the network's "Lean Forward" motto should be changed to "Got Hyperbole?"

Of course this isn't the first time liberal Chicken Littles have cried "The Republican Sky is falling."  Flash back to last month, when progressive candidate Joanne Kloppenburg defeated Republican David Prosser for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

MSNBC, the twenty-four hours-a-day infomercial for the Obama Administration, warned the nation that Scott Walker's anti-collective bargaining law had "awakened a sleeping giant" and the Kloppenburg victory spelled disaster for Republicans in 2012.  And the major networks, ABC, CBS, and NBC fell lock(goose)-step in line with the meme.

There was only one problem with their doomsday scenario -- when the final vote count was taken Kloppenburg lost.

What happened to the Sleeping Giant we were warned of?  Did he hit the snooze button?

Prosser won, so liberals had to put away their "bellwether" argument and hope for different results in the next election.  Now, NY's 26th has provided the opportunity.

So, which event will be the leading indicator for the 2012 elections -- ObamaCare and the 2010 national elections, or Mediscare and NY's 26th district?

Math doesn't lie.  Medicare in its present form is not sustainable.  The numbers won't improve between now and November 2012; they will only get worse.  On the other hand, what will come of ObamaCare between now and November?  More waivers will be granted as political payback, more health plans will be lost to workers, and costs will continue to rise.

The Obama game plan for 2012 is revealed.  It will not be to run on his record, because a speech listing the meritorious accomplishments of his first four years could be delivered by a mute, sans teleprompter.  The goal will be to attack conservatives with cries of "racist" and "granny killers" in a campaign built upon subterfuge, slander, and misdirection, fueled by desperation and demagoguery.  And the regime will be aided and abetted by a complicit, sycophantic media, Judas Goats posing as Bellwether Rams, bereft of journalistic integrity, derelict in duty and unashamedly open and unapologetic about it in these increasingly dangerous times.
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