Liberal Media Chicken Littles: 'The Republican Sky Is Falling!'

In 2010, Speaker Nancy Pelosi stared into the camera with make-up-by-Joker-Products face and proclaimed "Democrats will hold the House" in the upcoming midterms.  On November 2nd, the Tea Party helped to deliver us from evil.The elections of November 2010 went into the history books as a massacre of epic proportions.It was Little Big Horn, with Democrats playing the part of Custer and his men.  It was Tyson brutally KO'ing Marvis Frasier in a scant thirty seconds.It was an Iron Chef battle with Bobby Flay squaring off against the guy microwaving burgers at your local McDonald's.It was Fox News vs. MSNBC in the ratings.Liberal politicians, along with their conjoined twin -- collectively known as the mainstream media -- immediately went into damage control mode.  They began spinning the narrative that the stunning losses were not a referendum on and indictment of ObamaCare.From coast to coast, voters collectively, resoundingly, yelled "HELL NO" to...(Read Full Article)