Kids 'Scared Straight' to Climate Activism

Teenagers, like many adults, are not too old to believe in fairy tales.  But, youngsters typically have much more time and energy to devote to acting on their fantasies, like the one showcasing a global-warming goblin.For example, from May 7 through May 14, kids the world over were to tramp in the "iMatter March" to convince adults that the most pressing global issues are not bloody terrorist attacks, abject poverty, tyrannical socialism, or even kooky environmentalism, but rather the planet's real peril comes from climate change.The week before the marches, some of the participants were plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed in federal court against EPA chief Lisa Jackson, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, and others.  The kids claimed they have a profound interest in "ensuring our climate remains stable enough to ensure their right to a livable future."  Their support and talking points come from high-powered climate prognosticator James Hansen, whose...(Read Full Article)