Israel's 1967 Borders: What's The Big Fuss?

The place to begin an examination of Israel's 1967 borders is the 1947 UN Partition plan. In 1947, Great Britain relinquished to the UN the power to make decisions relating to the status of the Land of Israel. The General Assembly appointed a special committee that collected evidence and decided unanimously that Israel should be granted independence. Most of the committee members favored partitioning the land into two states, a Jewish state and an Arab state, with Jerusalem under international supervision. On November 29, 1947, the UN General Assembly accepted the partition resolution, 33 to 13.(c) 2005-2011 Koret Communications Ltd.  From Israel's Story in Maps collection ( As the map indicates according to the UN partition plan, the territories of the West Bank of the Jordan River were given to the Arabs.  While the coastal plain and the Negev were given to Israel.  The UN decided that Jerusalem should be internationalized. ...(Read Full Article)