How the Media Falsify Obama's Origins Story

In her new biography of Ann Dunham, A Singular Woman, New York Times reporter Janny Scott corrupts Barack Obama's nativity story even more than a cynic might have thought possible.  In so doing, Scott follows an ignoble media tradition that deserves exposure as does the story that it corrupts.At the very first moment of his national acclaim, the 2004 keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention, Barack Obama established the foundational myth of his political ascendancy. Obama's father, Barack Obama Sr., had grown up in Kenya "herding goats."  His mother, Ann Dunham, Obama traced to Kansas, as he always did.  "My parents shared not only an improbable love," Obama continued, "they shared an abiding faith in the possibilities of this nation."  In the frequent retelling of this tale, Obama Sr. left the family for Harvard well after the family had cohered.  "I get it," Obama told America's schoolchildren in...(Read Full Article)