Glenn Beck and the Struggle for Israel's Survival

Glenn Beck has announced a "Restoring Courage" rally in Israel this August.  He has been a singular voice of late in the defense of Israel.  I am very happy to see someone with a huge voice taking a stand and speaking out for the good and for righteousness. For this, I forgive his previous intellectual failings and indiscretions (his denunciation of Geert Wilders, for example).  Because strong voices in defense of Israel are so urgently needed right now.  The Jewish people are under relentless and unremitting attack from the Muslim world.  The dictatorships in Egypt, Syria, Iran, and Gaza are redirecting the rage of their people to storm Israel's borders and kill Jews.  On Sunday, Muslims across the world marked May 15, 1948, the day of Israel's birth, as the great "catastrophe" (nakba).  Violent demonstrators stormed Israel's borders on four sides.  Only an ideology so evil and debased could declare such a righteous occasion...(Read Full Article)